About Us

Tucked behind a blue door in the back of Coffee Down Under in Detroit's Financial District, shelby offers a unique experience that may be tough to find, but even tougher to forget.

The details shine in the inventive cocktails and culinary offerings you'll enjoy while sharing company inside a hidden gem of Detroit.

Our Story

Our work began in the spring of 2019 when we stumbled upon a former bank vault built 100 years prior. Sitting vacant for 20 years, the history of the space was palpable and we felt compelled to restore it to its former glory with a concept to match. After nearly 2 years of construction and restoration, we opened our doors to the public in early 2021. We feel the beauty of shelby lies in the pairing of old and new, and you'll see that in everything you experience, from the food and drinks to the artwork, decor and ambiance.

We invite you to join us.

Ethics and sustainability

From the egg white in your whisky sour to the whitefish atop your financier, we care deeply about the sourcing of all products we offer. While far from perfect, we are intentional about working with ethical purveyors, especially when it comes to animal products. As a result, we feel proud to serve our food and drinks and think you'll notice the difference as a guest.

Here are some of the artisans, farmers and purveyors we proudly source from: